Creative occupation

Trailer for the Showcase 10-31 January 2019, The Project Space, Geelong.

Watch Trailer of Creative Occupation Showcase 10-31 January 2019:

Featured stock images and footage from filming and photography, South Channel Fort Island / Port Phillip Bay -

Civilization’s Entropy, a project by Michael Morgan,

Defence Mechanisms - Projection, a project by Laine Hogarty,

The Island Play (written by Scott Welsh): A Film, a group project produced by Creative Occupation;

Wallpaper Thin, a project by Jennifer McElwee,

Images by Lance Youston,

Images by Zac Schubert-Youston

Flag Process by Ingrid Petterson

Other documentation and compilation - Michael Morgan, Marita Batna.

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The island is there… the island is here…


On the island… “man-made” South Channel Fort, a group of artists… has begun a process of ideas, projects and discoveries… it opens a window onto activities and encounters with the island grappling with the subjects of remoteness, artificiality, entropy, collective consciousness, fear-related architecture, and the possibilities of radical creative (co)production.

Adie McDermott

Ingrid Petterson

Jennifer McElwee

Jess Williams

Laine Hogarty

Lance Youston

Marita Batna (organizer)

Michael Morgan

Scott Welsh

Zac Schubert-Youston


10-31 January 2019

The Project Space

Deakin Waterfront Campus (Sally Walker Building), Western Beach Rd - opposite Cunningham Pier.


Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun: 10am-4pm;

Wed, Sat: 10am-7pm


Wed & Sat nights


Sat, 12 Jan, 5-7pm:

In the shadow, I see myself: an improvised performance of Laine Hogarty’s Defence Mechanisms – Projection.

The work explores the unnamed projection of fears experienced on the Island and the human drives that instinctually arise from our innate need for self-definition and defence.

Performed in the exhibition space with Jess Williams and alternating musical resonations and collaborations from guest musicians.

Wed, 16 Jan, 5-6pm:

Jennifer McElwee’s Wall-to-Floorpaper performance-ritual.

This performance explores the fragility of culture using the impermanent markings of water, chalk, stencil and template. Wallpaper patterns from Ripponlea and Beauilieu of the late 1800’s share the time line of the defences offered by the South Channel Fort. Adaptions of these will slide from wall to floor.

Sat, 19 Jan, 4-7PM:

The Island Play (written by Scott Welsh): a re-enactment of group performance-reading in the gallery in conjunction with the film project. Fragments performed on the hour.

“They thought it was just another job, but even ordinary people can encounter the surreal on the island…”

Island Muse

“Be a creative occupant of the island. Onsite gallery artists will produce, create and make in response to you, oh – precious Island Muse!”

Wed, 23 Jan, 5-7pm:

Send-Receive: launch of Creative Occupation Postcards: Series One – Send It to the Island & Receive scheme (hosted by Marita Batna at the gallery’s Post Office). Followed by re-visitation of South Channel Fort stories and records.

Sat, 26 Jan, 4-7pm*:

Creative Occupation Multi-Channeled (Качанка): a telematic portal – outside.

*This Event was held on the 2 March 2019, at Steampacket Gardens, Geelong.

Wed, 30 Jan, 5-7pm*:

Ingrid Petterson’s Island Exploring – Expanding Self: guided writing, reflection and sharing in the gallery, including the development of a haiku to send to the island by postcard. Free 2hr session, bookings are required.

For information and to book contact Ingrid 0420 932 751.

*This Event was held on 27 January 2019.

“Artist Occupancy” evolving communal work –

Wednesdays 3-5pm & Sundays 2-4pm. Open to fellow artists and everyone. Connect with artists of the showcase.




The Showcase of Stage One Creative Occupation 2018-2019 is now complete.

Documentation is coming soon.


Saturday the 2nd March, 2pm-7pm

at Steampacket Gardens (east of Carousel), 

Eastern Beach Road, Geelong Waterfront

A post-show event of Creative Occupation 10-31 January 2019

Creative Occupation Multi-Channeled (Качанка)

Drop-in Screening Point: this Creative Occupation's telematic portal (Kachanka) sails to the shore and attracts you with a collage of footage to connect you directly to what was happening on and around the Island.

Series One postcards are once again available for sending to the Island (last chance!) - send it and receive back with a response from the Island.

Complimentary cool water available on board on this hot day!


South Channel Fort Island

A “man-made” artificial island and fort in the waters around Port Phillip: constructed in the 1880s for military defences of the Victorian Colony, it became redundant since the 1920s, providing a site for birds and seals; rocks are making a habitat for marine life.