Creative occupation

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The island is there… the island is here…


On the island… “man-made” South Channel Fort, a group of artists… has begun a process of ideas, projects and discoveries… it opens a window onto activities and encounters with the island grappling with the subjects of remoteness, artificiality, entropy, collective consciousness, fear-related architecture, and the possibilities of radical creative (co)production.

Adie McDermott

Ingrid Petterson

Jennifer McElwee

Jess Williams

Laine Hogarty

Lance Youston

Marita Batna (organizer)

Michael Morgan

Scott Welsh

Zac Schubert-Youston


South Channel Fort Island

A “man-made” artificial island and fort in the waters around Port Phillip: constructed in the 1880s for military defences of the Victorian Colony, it became redundant since the 1920s, providing a site for birds and seals; rocks are making a habitat for marine life.

Creative Occupation is driven through the encounter with South Channel Fort Island. We acknowledge the traditional owners of land and waters South Channel Fort Island has been built on. We pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging.

Creative Occupation - at The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront, Australia

10-31 January 2019 PART I - EVENTS

Montage - Michael Morgan, Marita Batna

The 'Events' section shows people - visitors and artists, as well as the street, depicting Creative Occupation from the point of view of how rhythms of the art space and street run in parallel and collide.

The video incorporates fragments from some of the events that were held during the Creative Occupation showcase:

-The Island Play Reading;

-Island Muse;

-Ingrid Petterson's Island Exploring - Expanding Self (guided writing, reflection and sharing in the gallery);

-Send-Receive: Creative Occupation Series One postcards Launch.

Creative Occupation - The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront, Australia

10-31 January 2019 PART II - ROAMING

Montage - Michael Morgan, Marita Batna

The 'Roaming' section is a walk through the gallery space, seeing the works and hearing the mix of sounds. The camera eye is moving around and zooming into details of artworks, developing the feeling of the entire gallery installation.

The video incorporates installation views of the following artworks (in sequence):

-“Civilization's Entropy (Standing Operating Procedure)” by Michael Morgan;

-“The Island Play Reading: A Film” (script by Scott Welsh, film by Zac Schubert-Youston);

- “Flag process” and “Woman-Made” by Ingrid Petterson;

-“Civilization's Entropy (Standing Operating Procedure)” by Michael Morgan;

-Voices / Tunnel;

-“Wallpaper Thin” by Jennifer McElwee;

-“Civilization's Entropy (Life Support; Requiem Ritual)” by Michael Morgan;

-“Post Office” and conveyer installation;

-“You Are SLAVES & PIRATES: South Channel Fort”

– writing (blogpost) by Jessica Laraine Williams

-“Post Office” and postcards (What question do you have for the Island?);

-Photographic collages by Adie McDermott;

-DEFENCE MECHANISMS (Projection) by Laine Hogarty (with contributions from Jessica Laraine Williams);

-“Welcome to the Occupation” by Lance Youston.

Creative Occupation - The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront, Australia

10-31 January 2019 PART III - CONVERSATIONS

Montage - Michael Morgan, Marita Batna

The 'Conversations' section captures individual artists’ Video Portraits in the context of the gallery dynamics and with their work. These are unedited videos where artists converse about their practice and work in the project.

00:0905:27 Laine Hogarty (with DEFENCE MECHANISMS – Projection), conversation partner -Michael Morgan;

05:2808:23 Michael Morgan (with fragments of “Civilization’s Entropy"), conversation partner – Lance Youston

08:2311:17 Ingrid Petterson (with “Woman-Made” and fragments of “Flag Process”), conversation partner – Laine Hogarty;

11:1713:47 Zac Schubert-Youston (With “The Island Play Reading: a Film”), conversation partner – Marita Batna;

13:4719:00 Jenny McElwee (with “Wallpaper Thin”), conversation partner – Michael Morgan;

19:0021:17 Lance Youston (with “Welcome to the Occupation”), conversation partners – Jennifer McElwee and Marita Batna;

21:1725:32 Adie McDermott (with her photographic collages), conversation partner – Lance Youston.

25:3229:00 Scott Welsh (with “The Island Play Reading: A Film”), conversation partner – Michael Morgan; and a fragment from the Q&A session after film demonstration for community members.

Creative Occupation - The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront, Australia

10-31 January 2019 PART IV - EPILOGUE

Montage - Michael Morgan, Marita Batna

The 'Epilogue' section sees Creative Occupation's showcase interfacing the busy Geelong Waterfront streetscape via communications and communal elements in the gallery. After Creative Occupation leaves The Project Space, it pops-up amongst the city Waterfront gardens using the project’s own mobile unit.

Featured elements:

-The Evolving - communal work;

-Island Muse;

-Creative Occupation Multi-Channeled (Качанка) at Steampacket Gardens (2nd March 2019), Geelong.

The Island Play, written by Scott Welsh

Directed by Zac Schubert-Youston, Scott Welsh, Kristopher O'Sullivan

Cinematography and Editing: Zac Schubert-Youston

Sound Production: Kristopher O'Sullivan

Performers: Scott Welsh, Ingrid Petterson, Lance Youston, Michael Morgan

Production Manager: Marita Batna

Produced by Creative Occupation, 2018. Filmed on South Channel Fort Island (Chapter 2 an 3, Chapter 1 - in regional Victoria, Australia).

Watch Trailer of Creative Occupation Showcase 10-31 January 2019:

Featured stock images and footage from filming and photography, South Channel Fort Island / Port Phillip Bay -

Civilization’s Entropy, a project by Michael Morgan,

Defence Mechanisms - Projection, a project by Laine Hogarty,

The Island Play (written by Scott Welsh): A Film, a group project produced by Creative Occupation;

Wallpaper Thin, a project by Jennifer McElwee,

Images by Lance Youston,

Images by Zac Schubert-Youston

Flag Process by Ingrid Petterson

Other documentation and compilation - Michael Morgan, Marita Batna.

A meditative film by Michael Morgan featuring the installation of Creative Occupation's Качанка in Steampacket Gardens at Geelong's spectacular Waterfront on March 2, 2019. It's a hot Saturday in late summer, everything is a bit slow, and seems almost surreal...