Have you received your postcard?

Great News. Here is a video showing that Creative Occupation Series One postcards reached the Island!

Series One postcards of Creative Occupation was released and launched during the project's showcase in January 2019, at The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront.

We laid out the postcards for people visiting and invited everyone to write a postcard and send it to the Island. All those precious letters were sent by a special conveyer in the gallery that collected them in a box.

Have you received your postcard (back) from the Island?

BUT.. If you changed your address, went overseas & snails ate the mail, or the Post failed, we've got an e-copy. So, if you haven't received your card, - write now to .... southchannelfort[at]gmail[dot]com, to claim its e-copy from Creative Occupation artists!